Client Success Story: March 2022

“Do not give up; the beginning is always the hardest part.” – Anonymous

In July of 2021, SOAR Program Coordinator Eileen Ayala received a call from a distressed mother of a 51 year old female. She explained that her daughter was at risk for homelessness, and that she had to move out of her apartment. 

Her daughter had no income, and had been trying to obtain social security income since 2006; she was denied continuously from applying. 

She indicated that her daughter experienced severe symptoms of social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and borderline personality disorder. Which made it difficult for her to communicate and perform daily activities. 

With the mother’s help, and the help of her mental health providers, Eileen was able to interview and assess the client. Initial interviews were conducted with her in person, while her psychologist was present over the phone. With time, the client began to feel comfortable speaking about their concerns and history of severe mental health symptoms.

Thanks to the vast amount of evidence gathered, psychologist and psychiatrist letters, FSC’S SOAR process, and medical summary report. The client was successfully approved for SSI on January 4th, 2022. The client is now moving forward with finding an apartment for herself, and is very grateful that after so many years, FSC made this possible!