Tool Drive!

To ensure that our properties are well maintained, the Friendship Service Center relies on an assortment of tools and supplies. Items can be new or gently used. Do you have any tools to donate or have questions? Contact Joe Waite, our director of facilities, at Thanks so much for your donation – big or small!

Tool list:

4 Toilet Auger and Plunger

4 6’ Fiberglass step ladders

2 Cordless drill and sawzall combo kit with drill bits, blades, drivers, and asst tips

1 Non-contact voltage electrical tester

1 Multimeter

2 infrared thermometer

2 dip thermometer (H2O temps)

1 7 ¼ circular saw with framing and finish blades

2 painting set-ups (roller, tray, extension handles, brushes, drop cloths)

2 LED work lights

2 “channel lock” plier sets 3pc

2 vice grip sets and adjustable wrench sets

2 electric pliers

Wire strippers

6 in 1 screwdrivers

2 20oz hammers

2 chisel sets (wood and masonry), poor plane, and nail sets

2 (5 in 1) painter tools/scrapers and sanding block (pkg of 6)

1 roller/brush spinner

2 6”, 10”, 14” taping knives and mod boxes

3 long reach grabbers (for picking up trash from ground)

4 plastic heavy duty shelving units

4 folding saw horses

1 belt sander with assorted belts

1 4 ½ grinder with assorted wheels

2 cordless leaf blowers

4 large XL nitrile gloves

2 hex wrench sets (standard and metric)

2 torx wrench sets