2023 FSC Appeal

Dear Supporters,

Another year has gone by, and the Friendship Service Center, like all of you, has continued to evolve and grow in accordance with the world around us. As the agency surpasses its 54th year in operations, we are proud to look back at what we have accomplished this year, and where we are going for our future.

As we close 2022, we now have a six-person Directorial team and a four-person Management team overseeing a total of 11 non-seasonal programs designed to prevent, mitigate the effects of, or end an episode of homelessness for members of our community. We are, for the third year in a row, the lead provider in Central Connecticut for Cold Weather services, ensuring swift access and connection to emergency shelter and triage services that would otherwise leave our unsheltered community members at risk of hypothermia on the streets. And we responded to growing community needs by opening a drop-in center, the Hope Connection Center, that will ensure a safe place for basic needs to be met, and a centralized place for deeper needs to be holistically addressed through collaborative partnerships with outside community agencies. Our continued growth and expansion is a testament to our long-standing role in the New Britain community- our work truly is, “love made visible”.

We have so many opportunities each day to demonstrate that the work being provided exemplifies this concept. Lead Chef in the Tomasso Community Kitchen, Jillian Donaghy, moves me to tears with the ways that she goes above and beyond to make moments for our shelter residents count, including heart-shaped pancakes for Valentine’s Day, cakes for birthdays, and using sign-language to communicate with a child who struggles with self-expression. Supportive Housing Program Manager Juanita Feeney works alongside her case managers, rolling up her sleeves to help complete paperwork, and accompanies them on home visits to get to know our clients personally. And our Facilities team, led by Facilities Director Joe Waite, physically removed five layers of flooring in our Hope Connection Center to keep our construction progress on track! The dedication to our clients and our mission is astounding; examples of ways our employees go above and beyond is ongoing and inspiring.

Faces at the agency may have changed, but the successes and services remain the same.

Thank you for your continued support of the FSC - we truly cannot do this work without you.

Caitlin Rose

Executive Director




Path to Success

Victoria was enrolled in the Friendship Service Center’s temporary Rental Assistance Program and marked several achievements while working with her FSC case manager.

Not only was Victoria able to secure a job at FedEx, which she loves, but she is now earning enough money to be ineligible for state cash assistance. She was able to buy a car during her time in the program and is going to school to become a Dental Assistant. Victoria is committed to providing

for her three daughters. Supporting her daughters’ school work while working on her own course load has been a challenge, but her school-age children are now connected to the Boys and Girls Club for after-school support, and she is on the waiting list for child care through the YWCA.

Thanks to her inherent motherly motivation, and the support of seasoned Supportive Housing Case Manager Tammie, Victoria and her family are on the path to success!

With your support, we can continue to help individuals and families like Victoria’s, but we need your help to make love visible.

Victoria’s daughters, Melody, Victoria, and Camilla

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