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Click here to donate to the Tomasso Community Kitchen.

The Tomasso Community Kitchen (TCK) is a program run on year-to-year foundation grants and community investments and has grown in size since its inception.  The FSC started by providing coffee and sandwiches to people in Central CT living on the streets and has evolved to feed the 60 people in Emergency Shelter and Transitional Living three times per day, as well as lunch five days a week to community members in need.  Help support this largely underfunded program by investing in our kitchen operations, food purchasing, staffing, and equipment repair.

Click here to donate to the Emergency Shelter.

Our Emergency Shelter program services  60 households on average a year, which is a 50% increase from 2021.   We are the only shelter in New Britain to serve individual women and families with children, as well as individual men.  Due to the temporary nature of the program, we often need to address building wear and tear, unbudgeted client needs, and services that exceed our contracted budgets.  Investment in this underfunded program will help ensure we can provide needed services to the households we are serving during this critical period of their lives.

Click here to donate to the Janitorial, Repair, and Maintenance fund.

The FSC owns and operates services in four different buildings within New Britain, and operating costs are high.  Trash removal alone exceeds $1,000/month, plus janitorial services, utilities, and building maintenance and repair.  Investing in our buildings ensures that we are able to keep our staff and residents safe.


Click here to donate to the Representative Payee Program.

For years, the FSC has offered free of charge the option to list us as their Representative Payee (or, “Rep Payee”) to support participants in our programs in their bill pay and money decisions.  While this service is often offered through the court system, there is a monthly fee associated, and the FSC feels it is best to allow low-income residents access to their full income.  Investments in this program ensure continued Rep Payee support for enrolled participants.


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