McDonalds Donation

The Friendship Center’s Executive Director, Caitlin Rose receives donation from McDonalds owner, Keith Santacroce

Keith Santacroce, of the newly renovated New Brite Plaza McDonalds, presented FSC’s Executive Director, Caitlin Rose with a donation of $500 for programs. Mr. Santacroce was quoted by the New Britain Herald as saying, “My success is based on who I have,” 

Mr. Santacroce, who is a regular donor to the FSC also restated his willingness to partner to make sure folks don’t go hungry. Caitlin expresses gratitude stating, “I am so pleased to accept this contribution from Keith and his team at McDonald’s in New Britain on behalf of the FSC and the people we serve. It’s an honor to have a long-standing partnership with someone who has done so much to invest in the community, and we look forward to future visits to their renovated space!”

Hope Center Receives Grant from American Savings Foundation

The American Savings Foundation recently awarded the Friendship Service Center a grant of $100,000 for the newly established Hope Connection Center, located on 57/61 Arch Street in New Britain. In one convenient location, the Hope Connection Center will support individuals facing or experiencing homelessness by offering resources that meet both immediate and long-term needs. 

Caitlin Rose, Executive Director of the Friendship Service Center, Inc, says. “We are thrilled to receive this investment from the American Savings Foundation. We believe that this project will support not only people experiencing homelessness, but also invested community members that want to know that they have an option to offer people in need. The Hope Connection Center, with all of our leveraged stakeholder participation, is that option.”

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