South Church makes 10,000 PB & J Sandwiches

Since March 2020, South Church volunteers have been making and packing 200-300 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every week, along with a snack or two, and delivering them to the Friendship Service Center to hand out with their grab and go hot lunch as a meal for later. South Church turned to this form of feeding hungry neighbors when the pandemic caused them to shut down their twice-weekly breakfasts for the community.

In September they added a grab and go sandwich breakfast served directly to about 40 folks each week, but the PB&J sandwiches continued to be made for the Friendship Center. In mid-January, they reached the 10,000th sandwich mark, and are still going! These pictures show a few volunteers celebrating that milestone. The ministry has brought joy, purpose and energy to the church and they hope recipients are still enjoying a good PB&J!
Article submitted by Jane Rowe (South Church)